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Figure turntable

Perfect turntables for every purpose

Turntables must be robust, function without a breakdown for decades, be able to carry rotary loads up to 80t or higher and, in certain applications, also have a good appearance. All these requirements are met by our turntables.

Thanks to our long experience in heavy-duty hydraulics, our in-house production as well as the customer-specific adaptation options, our turntables are very popular in various industries.


In railway stations, our turntables are used for turning train components, such as wheel sets or bogs, but also complete traction units.

Automobile garages use the turntables to accommodate a large number of vehicles in the tightest of spaces. In the presentation rooms of car dealerships, our turntables are used to present new high-quality vehicles in an appealing way. In den Präsentationsräumen von Autohäusern dienen unsere Drehscheiben dazu, neue hochwertige Fahrzeuge ansprechend zu präsentieren.

The machine industry uses the turntables to divert the flow of production in a flow production.


  • Robust and durable construction
  • High payloads possible (up to 80 tons)
  • Compact design
  • Sliding solid rollers
  • Electrically and/or hydraulically driven mechanics
  • Low maintenance
  • Tailor-made solution tailored to your needs possible
  • Customer-specific programming of the electronic control system

Your benefits and benefits

  • Optimal use of space: BÜTER systems are characterized by compact design with maximum lifting force or force density. This saves you space.
  • Long service life: Our machines are particularly robustly designed and designed for a long service life.
  • Less repair costs: Our hydraulic lifting tables are safe to use.
  • Long service life: Thanks to its robust construction, the machine is very durable.
  • Smooth operation: We manufacture and store all spare parts ourselves. Therefore, we deliver every spare part within a very short time.

Benefit from our many years of experience

Individually according to your wishes

We produce for you exactly according to your wishes. Whether standard products or special solutions, we have the right and tailor-made solution for all industrial sectors.


We manufacture almost every single part of our products directly at our site. This gives you above-average quality and our fast service for maintenance and repairs.


Since we manufacture every assembly on site, we have many standard components in stock and can make them available to you quickly. We can produce special components at short notice.


With our site production, we reduce transport, emissions and traffic. We produce sustainably through optimized production processes and production processes.


We create a tailor-made offer for you at lightning speed. Thanks to our many years of experience and our wealth of knowledge, we quickly find the optimal solution for you.



With us you receive not only a 12-month warranty, but directly a full 24 month warranty. You don't take any risks and you don't have any worries for the next few years.

Examples of our turntables

Figure turntable with cargo


Diameter: 7000 mm
Height: 600 mm
Payload: 13000 Kg
Rotation angle: 170°

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Illustration turntable in a garage


Diameter 14000 mm
Bauhöhe: 680 mm
Payload: 77000 Kg
Useful stroke: 800mm

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Figure turntable for cars


Diameter 14000 mm
Bauhöhe: 680 mm
Payload: 77000 Kg
Useful stroke: 800mm

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Illustration hub for outdoor use


Illustration turning table outdoors


Figure turntable in yellow


Diameter: 3470 mm
Height: 790 mm
Payload: 12000 Kg
Angle of rotation: endless

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Figure turntable in blue


Diameter: 3500 mm
Height: 630 mm
Payload: 25000 Kg
Angle of rotation: endless

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Figure turntable high


Figure turntable on rollers


Diameter: 6000 mm
Height: 680 mm
Payload: 4000 Kg
Angle of rotation: endless

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Figure turntable


Illustration turntable with car

Turntable with flooring

Figure turntable for cars

Turntable with flooring

Turntables for your company

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