Lifting tables for hot area for the automotive industry


Lifting tables for hot area : Robust solutions for demanding operating conditions

Lifting tables for hot area are designed for extreme environment temperatures up to 130 °C. They are often used in automotive paint roads to lift the car bodies up to the dryer. Thanks to our long experience, we supply you with lifting tables that work absolutely reliably even under extreme conditions and are still low-maintenance.

We manufacture and test all critical components of the lifting tables ourselves. The electronic control system also comes from our own company. In this way, we are sure to provide you with a consistently high-quality and durable construction.


Lifting tables for hot area are mainly used in the automotive industry. Of course, they are also suitable for any other industry in which heavy loads have to be lifted in hot work zones.


  • Specially designed for hot work zones
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Hydraulically driven scissor mechanism with hydraulic cylinders from our own production
  • Sliding solid rollers; Low-maintenance plain bearings
  • Electronic control system, individually programmed according to customer requirements

Your benefits and benefits

  • Fully integrated into your systems: You can seamlessly integrate our hot-area lifting tables into your process processes. Because we tailor construction and control to your needs.
  • Safety and ergonomics: Proven design to ensure maximum work safety with a high level of work comfort.
    Smooth operation thanks to low susceptibility to repair.
  • Less repair costs: Our hydraulic lifting tables are safe to use.
  • Value-preserving investment: Since we extend our systems to a long service life and manufacture all spare parts ourselves, your investment is also well invested in the long term.

Benefit from our many years of experience

Individually according to your wishes

We produce for you exactly according to your wishes. Whether standard products or special solutions, we have the right and tailor-made solution for all industrial sectors.


We manufacture almost every single part of our products directly at our site. This gives you above-average quality and our fast service for maintenance and repairs.


Since we manufacture every assembly on site, we have many standard components in stock and can make them available to you quickly. We can produce special components at short notice.


With our site production, we reduce transport, emissions and traffic. We produce sustainably through optimized production processes and production processes.


We create a tailor-made offer for you at lightning speed. Thanks to our many years of experience and our wealth of knowledge, we quickly find the optimal solution for you.



With us you receive not only a 12-month warranty, but directly a full 24 month warranty. You don't take any risks and you don't have any worries for the next few years.

Examples of our lifting tables for hot area

11 23978


Length: 5624 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Payload: 1600 Kg
Useful stroke: 4028 mm

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heissbereich hubtische1 2


Length: 5624 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Payload: 1600 Kg
Useful stroke: 4075 mm

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11 25377


Length: 5624 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Payload: 1600 Kg
Useful stroke: 4075 mm

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Lifting tables for hot area for your business

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