Flat lifting table

flachhubtisch standard

Lifting tables in flat construction

Flat lifting tables are characterized by an extremely low height. They do not need a pit and can therefore be built without structural measures.

The minimum height of the flat stroke tables is approx. 80 mm. This makes it possible to drive by hand-held truck. Thanks to an appropriate platform design (E-shape), a direct drive-in with a forklift truck is also possible.

Flat lifting table in standard version

Type no.Max. payloadmin. Overall heightMax. Useful strokePlatform lengthPlatform widthDrawingOffer
HF 08-09800 kg85 mm780 mm1240-1400 mm870-1200 mmhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HF-08-09.pdfhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/request-flat-lifting-table/?nr=HF 08-09&laenge=1240-1400 mm&breite=870-1200 mm
HF 08-09 E *800 kg85 mm780 mm1240-1400 mm870-1200 mmhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HF-08-09-P.pdfhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/request-flat-lifting-table/?nr=HF 08-09 E&laenge=1240-1400 mm&breite=870-1200 mm
HF 12-101200 kg85 mm920 mm1400-1700 mm1000-1400 mmhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HF-12-10.pdfhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/request-flat-lifting-table/?nr=HF 12-10&laenge=1400-1700 mm&breite=1000-1400 mm
HF 12-10 E *1200 kg85 mm920 mm1400-1700 mm1000-1400 mmhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HF-12-10-P.pdfhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/request-flat-lifting-table/?nr=HF 12-10 E&laenge=1400-1700 mm&breite=1000-1400 mm
HF 20-10 E *2000 kg90 mm920 mm1400-1700 mm1000-1400 mmhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HF-20-10-P.pdfhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/request-flat-lifting-table/?nr=HF 20-10 E&laenge=1400-1700 mm&breite=1000-1400 mm
HF 20-102000 kg90 mm920 mm1400-1700 mm1000-1400 mmhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HF-20-10.pdfhttps://www.bueter-hubtische.de/en/request-flat-lifting-table/?nr=HF 20-10&laenge=1400-1700 mm&breite=1000-1400 mm

* E-shape (E-platform) for direct loading and unloading with a forklift truck

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