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History of Büter Hebetechnik GmbH

From department to independent company

The development of Büter Hebetechnik GmbH originated in 1991. At that time, as a department of Büter Maschinenfabrik GmbH, the first developments in the field of lifting technology began.

Already during the development phase it was recognized that only a simple and favorable adaptability of the lifting tables can be the basis for a solid success story. For this reason, attention has been paid from the outset to the development of basic types and equipment variants that can be easily adapted to individual customer needs.

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The rapid rise of Büter Hebetechnik GmbH from an industry newcomer to one of the most experienced and successful lifting table manufacturers in Europe shows that this strategy was exactly right. In 1992, the first scissor lift tables were sold and as early as 1997 a spin-off of the lifting technology department from the parent company became necessary.
Even after that, it was possible to continuously expand with the help of innovative lifting and traversing equipment adapted to customer requirements. So it is not surprising that a new company site had to be moved into in 2000. At our current headquarters in Europark Versen, we have sufficient space for further successful development, directly on the motorway.

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From scissor stroke table to railway technology

We are constantly striving to offer the products that are needed by our customers. For this reason, our portfolio no longer only contains simple scissor stroke tables, but a variety of different product types.
For example, we can now offer an extensive range of products in the field of lifting technology. This always allows us to choose the basic type that suits your application.

Currently, the following products are part of our range of lifting tables and column lifters:


Hydraulic lifting tables


Loading hub tables


Flat lifting table


Car lifts and lifts


Column lifter


Underfloor lift (elevator)


Pallet lifting table


Simplified freight lifts and lifting platforms

At the same time, we have always dared to take a look outside the box and consider in which markets our products can still be useful, or how we can supply our existing markets with other suitable products.

As a result, we now have many different pillars to consolidate our successful company history. An example of this can be the inland waterway cranes, the theatre lifts or the entire railway technology sector.

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In the future, we will continue to be true to our previous line, i.e. we will continue to rely on individually adapted products for your application. In addition to good products at reasonable prices for you, this should contribute to the continued good development of our company.

Benefit from our many years of experience

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