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Our heavy-duty transport vehicles for load capacities up to 10 t are built low and have impellers with a diameter of 330 mm. They are optionally available with an integrated lifting platform. The lifting platform is designed as a floating platform that is hydraulically adjusted. The vehicles are equipped with all-wheel drive and various steering programs, which allows a very flexible use.


Various driving programs ensure a high manoeuvrability and precise positioning of the vehicle. The following steering functions are possible (OmniDrive):

  • All-wheel steering
  • Front steering
  • Rear steering
  • Cross-country ride
  • Diagonal ride
  • Circular ride

The chassis is designed for rides on the hall floor. It handles inclines of up to 3 .


These vehicles are mainly used for the maintenance and maintenance as well as for the construction of rail vehicles, in particular for the replacement of heavy and bulky components such as bogides, wheelsets or underfloor components.


  • Particularly robust and durable construction
  • Extremely high positioning accuracy
  • Energy-efficient electric drives; High-range batteries
  • Optional additional equipment, e.g. additional adapters for component mounting
  • Electronic control from our own production
  • Safe and ergonomic

Your benefits and benefits

  • Individual: Tailor-made solutions, individually tailored to your needs.
  • Cost-effective: High positioning accuracy at a relatively low cost.
  • Good acceptance: The vehicles are quickly understood and well accepted by your employees.
  • Proven industry standard,therefore versatile.
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to low-maintenance components.
  • Efficient operation: Flexible adjustment to the task, fewer charging cycles.

Benefit from our many years of experience

Individually according to your wishes

We produce for you exactly according to your wishes. Whether standard products or special solutions, we have the right and tailor-made solution for all industrial sectors.


We manufacture almost every single part of our products directly at our site. This gives you above-average quality and our fast service for maintenance and repairs.


Since we manufacture every assembly on site, we have many standard components in stock and can make them available to you quickly. We can produce special components at short notice.


With our site production, we reduce transport, emissions and traffic. We produce sustainably through optimized production processes and production processes.


We create a tailor-made offer for you at lightning speed. Thanks to our many years of experience and our wealth of knowledge, we quickly find the optimal solution for you.



With us you receive not only a 12-month warranty, but directly a full 24 month warranty. You don't take any risks and you don't have any worries for the next few years.

Examples of our heavy-duty transport vehicles < 10 tons

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 1

Heavy-duty transport vehicles

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 2

Tandem vehicles for wheelset and bogie change

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 3

Tandem vehicles for long goods transport

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 4

Tandem vehicle for wagon body transport

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 8

Heavy-duty transport vans on cross-journey

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 9

Side roller blinds as an intervention protection

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 10

Side roller blinds as an intervention protection

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 12


schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 15

All-wheel steering 90° and Vulkollan tyres

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 13

Radio remote control for all movements

schwerlastransporter kleiner 10t 14

Electric drive 48 Volt AC three-phase current

schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 19 1

Battery + Hydraulics

schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 1 1


Length: 4000 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Payload: 10000 Kg
Useful stroke: 1300 mm

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schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 2


Length: 4000 mm
Width: 2600 mm
Payload: 10000 Kg
Useful stroke: 0 mm

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Length: 1850 mm
Width: 1500 mm
Payload: 6000 Kg
Useful stroke: 1200 mm

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schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 7 1


Length: 3500 mm
Width: 3000 mm
Payload: 5000 Kg
Useful stroke: 1300 mm

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schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 9 2


Length: 3000 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Payload: 5000 Kg
Useful stroke: 1300 mm

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schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 11 1


Length: 4000 mm
Width: 2200 mm
Payload: 10000 Kg
Useful stroke: 1000 mm

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schwerlasttransporttechnik bis 10t 18 1


Length: 4000 mm
Width: 1850 mm
Payload: 10000 Kg
Useful stroke: 1500 mm

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Heavy-duty transport technology for your company

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