Double scissor lifting tables

doppelscheren hubtisch

Lifting tables with double scissors

The advantage of a double scissors is most likely to realize a high stroke when space is small.

You can use such a lifting table to lift a EURO pallet with a corresponding platform length, up to 4,000 mm. You can also lift heavy loads of up to 7,000 kg with this variant of the lifting table.

These double scissor stroke tables are often used for applications in the field of conveyor technology. But other use cases are also conceivable.

Double scissor lifting table in standard version

Type no.Max. payloadmin. Overall heightMax. Useful strokePlatform lengthPlatform widthDrawingOffer
H 05-11500 kg250 mm800 mm800-1000 mm600-1000 mm 05-11&laenge=800-1000 mm&breite=600-1000 mm
H 18-161800 kg370 mm1200 mm1050-1400 mm900-1200 mm 18-16&laenge=1050-1400 mm&breite=900-1200 mm
H 16-201600 kg380 mm1600 mm1350-1600 mm900-1200 mm 16-20&laenge=1350-1600 mm&breite=900-1200 mm
H 15-321500 kg480 mm2660 mm2050-2500 mm900-1500 mm 15-32&laenge=2050-2500 mm&breite=900-1500 mm
H 35-213500 kg520 mm1560 mm1400-1700 mm1050-1500 mm 35-21&laenge=1400-1700 mm&breite=1050-1500 mm
H 30-323000 kg600 mm2600 mm2050-2500 mm1050-1500 mm 30-32&laenge=2050-2500 mm&breite=1050-1500 mm
H 30-393000 kg660 mm3250 mm2600-3000 mm1350-2000 mm 30-39&laenge=2600-3000 mm&breite=1350-2000 mm
H 50-405000 kg730 mm3250 mm2500-3000 mm1450-2000 mm 50-40&laenge=2500-3000 mm&breite=1450-2000 mm
H 70-407000 kg770 mm3250 mm2500-3000 mm1450-2000 mm 70-40&laenge=2500-3000 mm&breite=1450-2000 mm

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