Rail-guided elevating work platforms in surface technology

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Rail-guided elevating work platforms: The multi-talented

Our rail-guided elevating work platforms are designed as column lifts, which are moved sideways along the cabin wall. They are available in many different versions to optimally cover your requirements. For example, they can be supplied with rotary platforms, swivel platforms or with retractable displacement platforms.

Also available are telescopic work platforms, which can be moved along the ceiling construction over the entire length of the cabin; as a result, they are particularly suitable for work on the interior walls of railway wagons.


We also supply special designs for painting work. These correspond to the prescribed protection classes and can be equipped with integrated painting and ventilation technology on request.

The design for blasting cabins is provided with appropriate protective measures against the penetration of blasting material.


The rail-bound lifting platforms are mainly used in railway technology as well as in industry.


  • Particularly robust and durable construction
  • Sliding solid rollers; Low-maintenance plain bearings
  • Hydraulically driven scissor mechanism with hydraulic cylinders from our own production
  • Electronic control with customer-specific programming

Your benefits and benefits

  • Efficient operation: Individually adapted to your systems and work processes.
  • Long service life: Durable construction, designed exclusively with high-quality components.
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to low-maintenance components.
  • Efficient use of space: Space-saving construction with high power density.

Benefit from our many years of experience

Individually according to your wishes

We produce for you exactly according to your wishes. Whether standard products or special solutions, we have the right and tailor-made solution for all industrial sectors.


We manufacture almost every single part of our products directly at our site. This gives you above-average quality and our fast service for maintenance and repairs.


Since we manufacture every assembly on site, we have many standard components in stock and can make them available to you quickly. We can produce special components at short notice.


With our site production, we reduce transport, emissions and traffic. We produce sustainably through optimized production processes and production processes.


We create a tailor-made offer for you at lightning speed. Thanks to our many years of experience and our wealth of knowledge, we quickly find the optimal solution for you.



With us you receive not only a 12-month warranty, but directly a full 24 month warranty. You don't take any risks and you don't have any worries for the next few years.

Examples of our rail-guided elevating work platforms

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Length: 1000 mm
Width: 800 mm
Payload: 200 Kg
Useful stroke: 6400 mm

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Length: 4000 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Payload: 400 Kg
Useful stroke: 5500 mm

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Length: 1600 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Payload: 250 Kg
Useful stroke: 4700 mm

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Length: 1200 mm
Width: 700 mm
Payload: 250 Kg
Useful stroke: 4300 mm

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Length: 2300 mm
Width: 700 mm
Payload: 250 Kg
Useful stroke: 3150 mm

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Length: 3000 mm
Width: 650 mm
Payload: 500 Kg
Useful stroke: 3400 mm

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Length: 4000 mm
Width: 700 mm
Payload: 500 Kg
Useful stroke: 3400 mm

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Length: 2350 mm
Width: 750 mm
Payload: 500 Kg
Useful stroke: 2500 mm

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Rail-guided elevating work platforms for your company

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